i lost 35 inches and 30 pounds going keto. 
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After seeing my transformation online, my followers kept asking me for a KETO MEAL PLAN. "Tell me what to eat on keto to lose weight like you did!" is what I kept hearing. Well, I delivered! My first cookbook is jam packed with over 50 DELICIOUS Keto recipes- all the meals that helped me lose 35 inches and 30 pounds while LOVING the food I was eating every day. Now you can too! 
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Everyone seems to GET that the Keto approach to eating WORKS for weight loss. The problem is, no one seems to know WHAT TO EAT. The #1 question I get from my followers is "how do I start keto?" or "What do I eat on keto?". When I hear from people saying they did keto in the past and failed, I always discover the same mistakes-- one of them being they had NO diversity in their diet and they didn't ENJOY THEIR MEALS. What if you could DIET-- while eating meals that were mouthwateringly DELICIOUS- like so good you actually looked forward to them, craved them..couldn't wait to eat them? I'VE GOT YOU. Every meal in this book is just that. YUMMY. Craveworthy-- and keto-friendly. These are the meals  I ate and STILL EAT- and that helped me lose 35 inches and 30 lbs my friends-- after being STUCK unable to lose weight for years!! IF YOU ARE READY TO GET SERIOUS and lose weight, this is your ticket. These meals are NOT complicated, don't take a long time to cook or require a lot of ingredients and they are delicious. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR YOU MY FRIEND? Order your new bikini now and let's ROLL.


" The Secret to Success in LOSING WEIGHT on KETO is hitting your daily carb number while eating meals that keep you SATISFIED and FULL not distracted and longing for something else. My cookbook is FILLED with everything you need to do just that. "
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